About Me

OFFIE AWARD NOMINEE 2020 – Best Female in a Play

Gillian Dean is a stage, screen and radio performer, best known for playing Isobel Reilly in ITV Drama’s Home Fires

Playing Age: 30 – 40
Eye colour: Grey-green
Hair: Blonde, mid-length
Height: 5’4″ (162cm)
​Nationality: British
Sight impaired

Spotlight Profile              Equity Member


  • Singing D#3 – G#5
  • Accents and character voices
  • Stage Combat – Unarmed (Standard), Knife(Standard), Single Sword(Standard)
  • Voiceover
  • German longsword fighting (HEMA)
  • Musical instruments (Flute, saxophone and tenor, treble, descant and sopranino recorders)
  • Assistant directing
  • Improvisation and devising​
  • Scriptwriting
  • Medical and Corporate roleplay
  • Yoga
  • Trampolining